Texas, Meet California

Posted on November 4, 2010 by


It’s barely 36 hours after the polls closed in California’s November election, and less than 72 hours after the San Francisco Giants put the finishing touches on the World Series. What do these two disparate events have in common? Texas and California’s right to self determination.

The Texas Rangers, whose previous owner, former President Bush, made his fortune drilling for oil, were wrapped up in a tidy bow in time for the San Francisco Giants to come home to a heros welcome the morning after the election.  With a nice start to the Series, the Giants took the early lead winning the first two games. Dinner with a friend before the Sharks game Saturday night was a moment of saddness as game 3 went to the Rangers. (Sharks won, trouncing the Anaheim Ducks 5-2)

Halloween was a lot spookier for the Rangers than the Giants. While children watched in disbelief their parents danced in the streets, doors were thrown open and the rejoicing ensued. The Giants flattened the Rangers.

On Monday, campaigns across California opened their office doors early and put volunteers to work calling voters to remind them, Prop 23 was a misleading scare tactic. AB32 created jobs and a whole new economy for California. Monday night the Giants sent Texas packing and made the bold statement that yes, you could mess with Texas. The campaign volunteers for No on 23 kept their fingers crossed, said a prayer to Santa and worked feverishly through the day and into the night. They wanted to remind voters that Prop 23 promised to gut California’s leadership role in the green movement and set us back decades.

Slightly hungover Giants fans staggered into campaign offices around the state on Tuesday for the final Get Out The Vote push. As the 8:00pm deadline approached the last calls were made, the coffee put away and the cold beverages pulled out in anticipation of a celebratory night.

And, it was a night for celebrating. California voters told the folks at Tersoro and Valero they were not interested in gutting AB32 or losing the green jobs and green economy created. Once again, California was messin’ with Texas and it felt good. Soundly defeated with over 60% support from California voters Tersoro and Valero were sent home to lick their wounds.

The gubernatorial candidate who said she would suspend AB32 was sent packing as well. In Santa Clara County voters elected two environmental leaders, Linda LeZotte and Brian Schmidt to the Santa Clara Valley Water District. There were some losses along the way as well but all in all, election day turned out well for the environment.

A San Francisco native, the New IPO’s Lisa Jensen never thought she would see the day when the environment and her beloved Giants knocked big oil on its rear.