Welcome to Green/ the New IPO’s blogroll. Our bloggers hold a diverse range of visions of our sustainable future, similar to the solutions needed. We may not always agree on how to move forward, internal discussions can be lively, afterall, we all have a passion for what we do. We hope you enjoy being a part of our discussions as much as we do.

Shiloh Ballard, Vice President, Housing and Community Development, Silicon Valley Leadership Group

She grew up in a rent controlled apartment in westernmost San José, where she benefited from excellent public schools in addition to a parenting philosophy by her mother that relied upon the notion of keeping a child out of trouble by keeping the child completely booked—Girl Scouts, choir, theatre, dance classes, soccer, flute lessons, church youth group and lots of Nancy Drew mysteries.

Torn between making it big as a Rockette or becoming a journalist, Shiloh eventually majored in environmental studies at UC Santa Cruz, leading her to a career in politics and public policy. Shiloh serves on the Board of Directors of the Santa Clara County League of Conservation Voters, the Board of Governors for the California Housing Consortium, and Thimmakka, an environmental nonprofit, and as a court appointed Child Advocate for foster youth. She lives with her significant other near the Blossom Hill Light Rail Station in South San José and commutes to work on her bike almost every day via the bike path along Highway 87 through downtown San José.

Michele Beasley, Senior Field Representative, South Bay, Greenbelt Alliance

Michele has been Greenbelt Alliance’s South Bay Field Representative since 2004. In that capacity, she works with residents and elected leaders to adopt policies that protect open space and create more livable communities in Santa Clara and San Mateo counties. Prior to that, Michele spent four years as a homelessness and affordable housing advocate in Contra Costa County and spent two years with the Peace Corps in West Africa, supporting community-based eco-tourism enterprises. She holds a degree in Business Administration from St. Mary’s College, and is a native of San Mateo County. Michele currently serves on the board of the Housing Leadership Council of San Mateo County and volunteers as a Big Sister to a cool ten year old named Alise.

Megan Fluke

Megan Fluke is a Bay Area native with a passion for sustainable living and community engagement.  She graduated from San Jose State University in May 2008 with a degree in Environmental Studies. During her time at SJSU, she served as the Director of the Environmental Resource Center and as an intern with the Silicon Valley Land Conservancy.  After graduation, she was hired as Community Director for GenerationEngage Silicon Valley where she worked to engage young adults in their community and the political process.

Megan is a graduate of Community Leadership San Jose, which identifies emerging leaders within the Silicon Valley metropolitan area and exposes them to a broad range of issues vital to the community. She currently serves on the organizations’ board of directors.

After a year of serving as a member of their Executive Committee, she was hired by the Loma Prieta Chapter of the Sierra Club as the Grassroots Organizer for the Building Climate Friendly Communities Campaign.  In her new position, Megan is working to increase public support for vibrant, walkable, transit-accessible communities in San Mateo and Santa Clara counties.

Green for All, national organization working to build an inclusive green economy strong enough to lift people out of poverty

Dedicated to improving the lives of all Americans through a clean energy economy.  Working in collaboration with the business, government, labor, and grassroots communities to create and implement programs that increase quality jobs and opportunities in green industry – all while holding the most vulnerable people at the center of our agenda.

Lisa Jensen, Co-founder Jensen-Kim, founder Green/ the New IPO

Inspired by the giant earth ball at her first Earth Day celebration, Lisa talked her parents into recycling long before separated bins were a part of the neighborhood landscape. Growing up along the coast of California gave Lisa a deep appreciation for the precious nature of the coast and the critters who inhabit the oceans and coastline. She’s since figured out the depth of impact from the ocean on our global climate and engages in advocacy for conservation and preservation of this tremendous resource. Lisa unleashed her inner geek when she graduated with a degree in Math & Computer Science and promptly went off coding for the defense and medical device industries.

Today Lisa serves as a Commissioner on San José’s Planning Commission, as a member of  the Envision San José 2040 Task Force and on the Board of Directors with City Year San Jose/Silicon Valley. She lives in a downtown San José home that made its appearance in 1904. Whether visiting the local farmers markets, heading to Opera San José or the movies, Lisa prefers her funky bike or a walk to searching for parking.

David Marsland, Copenhagen bound

I’m the Sierra Club LomaPrieta GRG Global Warming Chair & CoolCities SJ CoLeader, urging the San Jose Green Vision, saving Coyote Valley, & a sustainable General Plan through Envision 2040. Pursuing an advanced certification in Energy Management and Climate Policy. eBay’s Chief Instructor for over 5 years and a founding member of the eBay Green Team.  I’m also a father of four sons and work closely with my wife Susan on environmental issues.

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  2. Tom Traver

    January 1, 2010

    Would you consider linking to
    Global Health Research Foundation Awarded $25,000 Grant from Westly Foundation to Study Asthma in California’s Central Valley

    the Athsma in the Central Valley study by


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