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The Good, the Bad and the Truly Ugly…

December 31, 2010 by


Everyone, or nearly everyone, will spend a few moments reflecting on the close of the first decade of the 21st Century before beginning the next decade with a an awe inspiring hangover. We, here in the land of green opportunity, are no different. Let us review the events of the past decade in all their […]

Relax. We come in peace.

January 5, 2010 by


If these aliens could speak that is what they’d tell us, gently, with a soft flourish and delicate touch. Don’t let their fragrance or prettiness fool you. These aliens have got to go.  No, I’m not talking about little green men with antenna or even blue giants. These alien invaders show up in your yard, line […]

Adapt, move or go extinct…

December 24, 2009 by


That’s the advice for plants and animals in a study released yesterday by the California Academy of Sciences. Some, like the flat ecosystems of California’s deserts, mangrove forests and grasslands will be packing their bags and are expected to move as much as 4 miles a year to find hospitable habitats. The study, paid for […]


December 21, 2009 by


We’ll be posting infrequently through the remaining part of the year. Getting ready for more activity, news and information in 2010. Look forward to interviews with Silicon Valley green all-stars in the coming months! Updates: Eating challenge, being part of the 100 Mile Diet experience is proving to be very challenging. Broke down and went […]

Chief Grinchly…

December 10, 2009 by


Wait! Don't throw out that grungy old window. Salvage scroungers love tear downs because that's where the recycled doors, windows and even teeny-tiny, out-of-circulation screws come from for high-end salvage retailers.

Within 100 miles…

December 7, 2009 by


Even during Winter in Northern California you can find great local produce. Lately, the buzz has been about the 100 mile diet, or, eating locally grown products. Silicon Valley is fortunate to be within 100 miles of some of the great farming regions of the world. This is good because I’m going to take the […]