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Be a green blogger

Silicon Valley has the creative juice to bring this IPO to the table for generations to come. Blog the latest news, best trends, and making it real. Send your street cred’s and focus for consideration along with stories you think push the envelope. 

Visionaries welcome. But, if you think climate change is a fantasy, these folks may be more your speed.

Posting Details

We want to make sure that Green/The New IPO is a fun and educational space. To ensure quality and that we are not overloaded with irrelevant information, in these early months we will be reviewing all contributions.

You are invited to submit letters and other information that corresponds with making green a common practice. All contributions must be written in English and include the writer’s name, email address, affiliation/URL (if any), and city/country.

Please keep written contributions compact – we encourage you to write quickly, concisely and engagingly, as well as send along with illustrations, graphics and photographs.

2 Responses “Join Us” →

  1. Ted Yurek

    February 24, 2010

    Just want to follow, and maybe join, the conversation.


  2. Tom Traver

    January 3, 2010

    Suggested article to cite:

    Jessica Tovar, a local organizer for Communities for a Better Environment, pointed out that residents of Richmond’s nearby Iron Triangle neighborhood suffer from asthma, cancer and other acute symptoms on a daily basis.


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